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Past Legacy Projects

Below you will find a brief overview of past projects. Because legacy work is deeply personal, some details have been left out.

Documenting an Art Collection

My client had collected paintings, sculptures and prints over her lifetime.  It was important to her that the family preserve it. I documented her thoughts about each piece, where she saw it, why she fell in love with it, when she purchased it and what it meant to her, so the family would understand why it was important that her beloved collection be preserved as a legacy for future generations.



I had a client whose adult children knew very little about their father’s life and choices. He wanted to rectify that, so he and I embarked on a series of taped interviews exploring his early years, how he met his wife and his experiences as a parent. This process allowed him to revisit his memories and tell stories of his growing up years, as well as reflect back on the fullness of his life as it was reaching its conclusion. The tapes provided a rich legacy for his family.  



One client chose VSED (voluntarily stopping eating and drinking) after a medical complication leaving her only a brief time to live. Her family had little notice to prepare for her impending death and there wasn't time to complete a traditional legacy project. Instead, I filmed her telling each of her family members how much they meant to her, and saying a personal goodbye.

Unearthing Hidden Stories

Saying Goodbye

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