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Navigating Dying is committed to making the dying process as simple and dignified as possible. To do that, we tailor our services to each individual client.

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Doula Work

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Advanced Care Planning

Doula Work

Doula Work

Death is a life stage to be honored, witnessed, and requires a complex array of decisions and choices along the way. Having a guide through this process prepares and lifts burdens for those dying and loved ones.


My doula services vary based on individual need and circumstance. Our work together may include:


  • Facilitating conversations with loved ones and planning goals


  • Vetting hospice, senior living, and home care options


  • Creating projects such as annotated photo albums, video diaries, stories, and more


  • Carefully designing the environment in which you will spend your last moments



Reduced fees for those who need it


Limited pro bono cases

Advanced Care Planning

Advanced Care



Next Steps




Part of the dying process is preparing and finalizing legal and other documents that make clear our wishes in a variety of circumstances and possibilities.


These decisions can be scary. Part of my work is to navigate these topics and help you come to the best arrangements for you. This may include:


  • Acting as a liaison between individuals to ensure all wishes are well established and understood among necessary parties


  • Developing accessible documents for power of attorney and others to have easy access to necessary information and action plans


  • Helping you decide who your support system will be and establishing those contacts

  • Completing all advanced care paperwork, including a POLST and DNR if appropriate.  We can also discuss and document any other wishes related to your care, including any dementia provisions

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Reduced rates for each package are available for those who need it. Limited pro bono work. Please contact me for details.

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